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If the line of symmetry isn’t central, the image won’t look right. In the example above, if I had positioned the vertical concrete pillar further to the left or right, the image wouldn’t have such strong symmetry.

If you can’t find any scenes with symmetryto photograph, you could always use a photo app to create a symmetrical image. This basically involves mirroring an existing image either horizontally or vertically.

This is an abstract symmetrical image of the World Trade Center in NY. To be honest, I had to go abstract because my original shot wasn’t centered perfectly. Don’t let a mistake keep you from trying to make an image work!

There are many iPhone apps available in the App Store for creating symmetrical images. Sparkmode (formerly Mirrorgram) features a live view of your mirrored image while taking photos. It’s quick and easy to use, even with photos you’ve already taken with other apps.

If the road had been straight in the above scene there would be natural symmetry in the image. But with the slight curve, I needed to use Sparkmode to mirror the image using a vertical line of symmetry. Itworks particularly well because there are many places for the eyes to wander with the S-curves.

I loved the vertical lines in the original of the image above, but the slight S curve in the path ruined the vertical symmetry for me. So I used Sparkmode to create horizontal symmetry and a fun image.

The one thing I don’t like about Sparkmode is it only offers a square crop. I recommend this app if you want the ability to shoot with a mirror effect applied in the viewfinder.

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is a surprisingly detailed app with many options, including achoice of different aspect ratios which many of the other apps don’toffer. The only thing missing is the live view of the mirrored effect in the viewfinder, but I highly recommend this app.

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isn’t a mirroring app, it’s great for creating symmetrical compositions and adding balance to an image. To do so, simply go to image edit and tap the “+” to add a repeat.

You can nowrotate the image until you see a line of symmetry that you like. While you wouldn’twant to use this effect on all of your photos, it can add an interesting abstract twist to an otherwise ordinary image.

There are thousands of excellentphoto apps on the App Store, and the things you can do with apps are absolutely incredible. With that said, the number of photo apps out there isoverwhelming, and it's really hard to know which apps are worth getting.

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Incorporation is typically the first formal step in creating a nonprofit organization. To incorporate your nonprofit, you will need to file articles of incorporation with the appropriate state agency.

Why incorporate?

Where should I incorporate?

In most cases, you’ll want to incorporate in the state where your programs or services will be conducted. While it may be tempting to incorporate in another state where fees are lower or filings are less complicated, keep in mind that you would need to register the corporation and apply for separate tax exemptions in each state in which you conduct business.

What should be included in articles of incorporation?

Articles of incorporation contain basic information on the organization such as its name, registered agent, and address of the corporation’s principal office. Most state agencies that oversee incorporation will provide templates and/or instructions.

Note, however, that not all templates contain the required elements to obtain tax-exempt status. In order to meet the organization test for 501(c)(3) status, you must include language in your articles of incorporation specifically stating that:

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for more detailed guidance and sample language .

Where can I find sample articles of incorporation?

For links to sample articles of incorporation, see the list of web sites below. For additional samples, you could also search the Internet for the keywords “nonprofit articles of incorporation”, plus your state and type of nonprofit. For example, “articles of incorporation California youth nonprofit”.

What forms do I file? How much does it cost?

You may need to file certain transmittal forms in addition to your articles of incorporation. Filings and fees may vary by state. See our Map of Nonprofit Startup Resources by State for links to the relevant agencies that regulate incorporation in each state.

What else do I need to do?

To learn more about starting a nonprofit, please see our free resources:

To learn more about this topic, selected resources below may also be helpful.

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by Don Boudreaux on April 17, 2015

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, Prices

Here’s a letter to the Huffington Post :

Hillary Clinton insists that “[t]here’s something wrong when CEOs make 300 times more than the typical worker” (“ Hillary Clinton Blasts Pay For CEOs, Hedge Fund Managers In Campaign Kickoff ,” April 15).

Well now. As a speaker Ms. Clinton is paid, on average, $300,000 per talk; as a speaker I am paid, on average, $1,000 per talk. As a speaker, therefore, Ms. Clinton is paid 300 times more than I am paid! Is “something wrong”? Is the market for speakers rigged unfairly in favor of famous and politically connected speakers such as Ms. Clinton, and against obscure and ordinary speakers such as me? Is Ms. Clinton part of a nefarious network of greedy speaker-insiders who profit unjustly at the expense of myself and other more-typical speakers by manipulating the speaker market? Should government intervene into the speaker market to remedy this 300-to-1 ratio in speaker fees? Would the amounts that event organizers pay me to speak go up if government ensures that Ms. Clinton’s speaker fee is pushed down?

Clearly not.

Although I reject everything that Ms. Clinton stands for (and proclaims in her speeches!), I’m quite sure that her high fee accurately reflects the value to her audiences of having her speak, just as my modest fee accurately reflects my value as a public speaker. So unless Ms. Clinton is prepared to conclude, solely because her speaker pay is 300 times that of typical speakers, that she profits unjustly at my and othertypical speakers’ expense, she has no basis for asserting that a 300-to-1 differencein pay in other industries and lines of work is “wrong.”

Sincerely, Donald J. Boudreaux Professor of Economics and Martha and Nelson Getchell Chair for the Study of Free Market Capitalism at the Mercatus Center George Mason University Fairfax, VA 22030

UPDATE: Jon Murphy’s comment here reminds me that I wanted to append to this letter air jordan 13 bred 2004 3m


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If your board is using Simplified Workflow :

If your board is using

Click the Add status button.

Add status

NOTE: The Add Status button is only available if you have the Jira ' Project Administrator ' permissionfor this board's project. See nike air max 95 pink sale today
for more information.

Add Status Project Administrator

You can only delete a status if:

If any other workflows are using this status, then the status will be removed from your workflow, but not deleted.

Unmapped Statuses Remove Status icon (x)

If your board is not usingSimplified Workflow, you can only delete a status via the Jira administration interface. See nike air jordan 8 retro bugs bunny
for more information.

If your board is not

Setting constraints on each workflow state is a crucial part of Kanban, so that you can ensure that work is continually flowing through the pipeline. You may also find it handy in Scrum, so that you can see bottlenecks early, and adjust the scope of your sprint.

Constraints trigger a visual indicator when a maximum or minimum number of issues appear in a column.You can specify constraints for all columns, or just some of them. If a column constraint is exceeded, then the column will change color, as follows:

Please note:

To set column constraints of a board:

Edit the constraints, as described in the following table.

Note, you can also remove constraints for all columns. In the Column Constraint drop-down, select None .

Column Constraint

NOTE: You must be a Jira administrator or a board administrator for the boardto enable the Kanban backlo

Jira administrator

Managing your backlog in the first column of your Kanban board is easy to do— as long as there are only a few issues in your backlog. As your backlog grows, viewing and scrolling through these issues can become difficult.

By using the Kanban backlog, you get a bigger backlogthat gives you anoptimized list view of the issues you're creating and ranking for your team. You can also planstory development in the backlog, without distracting your team from their work-in-progress in the Kanban board.

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