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8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CST) Mon. - Fri.

If you need to contact the agency via TDD equipment, please visit Relay Texas for assistance.

We are pleased to announce two new Texas Comptroller field offices (PDF) in the Houston metropolitan area.

Check your local office for days and hours of operation. Offices are closed on national holidays and may be closed or partially-staffed on state holidays . For taxpayer assistance any day of the week, we offer many services via the web and telephone .

Taxpayer Services and Collections field offices collect delinquent taxes and provide taxpayer service to promote compliance with the tax laws administered by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. Please note that credit cards are not accepted at field offices.

Please note that credit cards are not accepted at field offices.

This office is closed. If you need to visit a field office near Arlington, please visit one of our Dallas area field offices at the addresses listed below.

Dallas Northeast Dallas Southwest

Individuals must sign in and present photo identification to access this state office building.

Houston Northwest

Effective Tuesday, May 1, this office will be located in Suite 640.

Houston Southeast Houston Southwest Mailing Address:

Nearby offices:

Individuals must sign in and present photo identification to access the Raleigh State Office building.

* On Mondays, these field offices are open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. They are closed to the public Tuesdays through Fridays. If you need assistance during that time, check our nike air max thea rose gold womens addidas V9GTSN28v
or visit a nearby office.

Audit Division field offices can assist you by processing audit payments and performing necessary file maintenance for taxpayers who are currently being audited.

Dallas East Dallas West Houston Central Houston North Houston South

View Field Office Location Map in a full screen map

phpMyAdmin allows relationships (similar to foreign keys) using MySQL-native (InnoDB) methods when available and falling back on special phpMyAdmin-only features when needed. There are two ways of editing these relations, with the relation view and the drag-and-drop designer – both of which are explained on this page.

You need to have configured the is air jordan part of nike
for using phpMyAdmin only relations.

Currently the only MySQL table type that natively supports relationships is InnoDB. When using an InnoDB table, phpMyAdmin will create real InnoDB relations which will be enforced by MySQL no matter which application accesses the database. In the case of any other table type, phpMyAdmin enforces the relations internally and those relations are not applied to any other application.

In order to get it working, you first have to properly create the [[pmadb|pmadb]]. Once that is setup, select a table’s “Structure” page. Below the table definition, a link called “Relation view” is shown. If you click that link, a page will be shown that offers you to create a link to another table for any (most) fields. Only PRIMARY KEYS are shown there, so if the field you are referring to is not shown, you most likely are doing something wrong. The drop-down at the bottom is the field which will be used as the name for a record.

Let’s say you have categories and links and one category can contain several links. Your table structure would be something like this:

Open the relation view (below the table structure) page for the link table and for category_id field, you select category.category_id as master record.

If you now browse the link table, the category_id field will be a clickable hyperlink to the proper category record. But all you see is just the category_id , not the name of the category.

To fix this, open the relation view of the category table and in the drop down at the bottom, select “name”. If you now browse the link table again and hover the mouse over the category_id hyperlink, the value from the related category will be shown as tooltip.

The Designer feature is a graphical way of creating, editing, and displaying phpMyAdmin relations. These relations are compatible with those created in phpMyAdmin’s relation view.

Hey Area is a collaborative reporting project of KALW News. Using a tooldeveloped by Hearken , audience members submit questions about the Bay Area. If your question is selected, you will partner with a reporter to find the answer. Read more about the project .

What have you always wondered?

Sign me up for the KALW newsletter!

Please don't publish my name

If you’ve ever been to Oakland’s Fruitvale neighborhood, chances are that you’ve seen Cesar Chavez’s name somewhere.

Ivan Garcia is only 15 years old, but he’s already working with Oakland city officials, and was appointed by Mayor Libby Schaaf to the city’s Youth Advisory Commission.

It's been over a year since President Donald Trump issued an executive order promising to halt federal funding for cities that limit cooperation with immigration agents. After the order was made, mayors from across the country vowed to remain so called “sanctuary cities” anyway.

One of our listeners, Consuelo Faust, recently asked us a question through our Hey Area project: “Is it fact or urban legend that other cities or even States send their homeless people to San Francisco?”

It’s 7:45 AM and I’m in the car with Albany resident Steve Shea. We’re headed from the East Bay to his office in Novato.

“Yeah I’ve been commuting to this job ten years now,” he says, his hands on the wheel, eyes fixed on traffic ahead.

Listener Mark Eastman from East Palo Alto contacted KALW’s collaborative reporting project, Hey Area. He wants to know, “What happens to cars that get donated to charitable organizations?”

When you ride BART, there’s usually a moment where you look up from your phone and wonder: "Where am I?" That’s when announcements are supposed to help.

In 1976, there was a classified ad in the San Francisco Chronicle. It read, “SIGN Mr. PEANUT for sale. 20ft. tall as see [sic] from Bayshore Fwy. Eves. 364-5005.” That’s the last record of the huge Mr. Peanut sign that once marked the spot of the Planters Peanut factory.

KALW listener Claudia Zeilerwanted to know how and when the San Francisco Bay was formed.

One KALW listener wanted to know why there are no sound walls along either Highway 24 or Highway 980.

KALW listener Janet Basu wanted to know; just who is this Karl the Fog , anyway?

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Over the past decade, the call for seafood traceability has grown louder and more urgent amid rising concerns about mislabeling, illegal fishing, and diminishing stocks of some of the world’s most commercially important fish. Recent reports have now sounded additional alarms on human trafficking and modern-day slavery within the seafood supply chain. For seafood companies attempting to play by the rules, these systemic failures threaten market efficiencies, brand integrity, and profits.

The seafood traceability agenda to date has been driven largely by nonprofits, consumer advocacy groups, and government agencies focused on product recall, public health, and accurate labeling issues. Increasingly, retailers and other industry representatives are taking up the cause, having been influenced by consumer demand for product transparency and recognizing the need to mitigate risk. However, in the absence of regulation, pushing full-chain implementation of the data capture and management systems required to support true end-to-end traceability has proved challenging.

This report aims to highlight the compelling market incentives of traceability, while raising awareness of the very real human and technological barriers that hamper broader adoption. Through interviews with key technology vendors, NGOs, government agencies, trade groups, and a sample of supply-chain players, Future of Fish assessed: credible business wins offered by traceability technology systems in general; twelve specific seafood traceability vendor solutions and the key business benefits of each; key principles for a smooth transition to traceability adoption and implementation; and barriers to traceability technology adoption, successful implementation, and whole-chain traceability.

Efforts by nonprofits and government agencies to push their traceability agendas are often confounded by the fact that many companies perceive traceability technology as purely an added cost with no measurable returns. However, traceability technology offers some clear business wins for seafood companies. Within the seafood industry, the ability of fishers, processors, distributors, and retailers to seamlessly share key information about a product as it wends its way from dock to dinner plate can improve inventory management, reduce operational inefficiencies, reduce waste and improve yields, increase the pace of decision making, and fuel innovation across the entire business ecosystem. For an industry where the difference between making a profit and being in the red can be a matter of pennies per pound, traceability technology can provide clear competitive advantage.

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