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Ready To Illuminate YOUR Self-Love?

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7 Day Self-Love Challenge

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Had you had enough of feeling bogged down and burdened? feeling unlovable and not enough?

You have arrived here for a reason. Give yourself permission to shift out of your unhealthy patterns and paradigms.

It’s as simple as making the decision that today is the day. And then dropping out of your head space and into your HEART SPACE.

From this heart space, you’ll discover healing. Transformation. Your deepest truth about who you are and what you’re REALLY here for.

From this heart space, you’ll surrender your need to DO and simply fall in love with BEING.

From this heart space, you’ll become who you REALLY are. The whole you. The true you. The powerful you.

From this heart space, you’ll awaken your ultimate truth: 

When you Illuminate Your Self-Love, everything in your life changes, including: • Your work has more meaning • Your relationships are healthy and happy • You look in the mirror and like what you see • You easily let go of negative or limiting thoughts

Illuminate Your Self-Love,

Are you feeling stuck? On this call you will gain clarity on what has been holding you back and how to move forward with confidence and grace.

Come experience the deep healing and transformation that occurs when you awaken and connect to your inner light.

Experience the healing and magic that happens when women come together.

Ready for true transformation? When you work with Joie, you will receive private sessions that include energy healings, transformation coaching, ongoing accountability, and soulful support. nike air jordan future low bred reflective practice

The Self-Love Transformation Queen

Best-selling author, speaker, transformation coach, energy healer, and circle facilitator Joie Cheng is on a mission to touch lives and inspire women to live as love.

Through her powerful online programs, her meaningful mentorship programs, and her impactful speaking platform, Joie loves showing women how to stop living their life on autopilot and awaken to the life they’ve always wanted – one with more wealth, health, happiness, success, and freedom.

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Canadian Policy Briefs

Awards and Grants

ARMA International

*New* Sagesse: An ARMA Canada Publication

Welcome to Sagesse, Journal of Canadian Records and Information Management,

Welcome to Sagesse, Journal of Canadian Records and Information Management,

An ARMA Canada Publication

Sagesse*: Journal of Canadian Records and Information Management , an ARMA Canada publication, is an electronic publication, available on the ARMA Canada website for records and information management (RIM) and information governance (IG) practitioners. This resource offers a hybrid approach to RIM-IG by showcasing practical and theoretical articles as well as publications and scholarly research focusing on Canadian issues, governance, concerns, laws, regulations, ethics, history, standards and practices.

While the primary focus is Canadian content, we will include and welcome articles from non-Canadians focusing on thoughtful challenges to the accepted methods of recordkeeping, soul-searching research in the RIM-IG industry and academic and pragmatic frameworks to understand our industry, the profession and to determine, is there a better way?

This publication is a vehicle for you to share your RIM-IG success stories, lessons learned, how-to-do aspects of RIM, biographies of Canadian RIM pioneers and leaders in the industry and other research featuring RIM-IG topics. We encourage you to share your experiences as this is your publication and we want to hear from you!

Sagesse: Journal of Canadian Records and Information Management’s editorial review team includes:

Uta Fox, CRM, ARMA Canada’s Director of Canadian Content; Christine Ardern, CRM, FAI; John Bolton, MA, MLS; Alexandra (Sandie) Bradley, CRM, FAI and Stuart Rennie, JD, MLIS, BA (Hons.).

Quick facts:

For more information and to contribute to Sagesse contact: nike wmns blazer mid vntg suede skirt

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